Our Policy

The privacy policy of Super Web Technologies assures to our web users, that all personal information furnished to us via the website is maintained with the utmost confidentiality and is unshared under most circumstances. We respect your privacy and wish you a without inconvenience experience with our website.

Registration with Website

Users can register on the Super Web Technologies website by fulfilling the information requirements. The information collected during the registration process (e.g. name, address, e-mail, contact numbers etc.) is used to identify you as a user and sending you requested information from time to time.

Our Payment Policy

1. Registration payment 40% has to be cleared and note on your website requirement.

2. 60% payment has to be cleared sign of contact paper.

3. Our due payment has to be cleared with in date of complete your website.

4. Payment must be made by Cash/ Cheque / DD / only and must be drawn in favor of Suraj Trivedi payable at Gwalior.

Our Privacy For Client

1.If you want to discontinue our services and want to transfer the domain name, you have to pay Rs. 1500/- as transfer fee.

2. As long as you are with us, annual domain renewal is free of cost.

3.Your website renewal, maintenance, or service charge depends on select package.

Your Suggestion/inconvenience Experience

Do write in to E-mail on any concerns regarding our privacy policy.